Our Story

Le Comptoir de Loulou was born in June 2020 in Île-de-France when Julien founded the company during the lockdown, after leaving his job at a large corporation. His idea? To transform a small everyday item into an original gift, personalized to reflect the recipient. Thus, personalized wine stoppers were born. A small gift made of natural wood and cork, customizable for any occasion, for the whole family.

Pauline followed suit two years later. We then left Paris to set up our business in Lyon. Modeling, engraving, and shipping are all done from the workshop we've set up at home. Original collections are released throughout the year, inspired by the seasons and our creativity. Having initially found success with individual customers, Le Comptoir de Loulou has been offering its wine stoppers to a carefully selected network of resellers since 2022, which continues to grow.

In the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, ideas flow, and some come to fruition while others do not. After our DIY wedding, we created all our welcome signs, thank you signs, table numbers, and place cards to support our wine stoppers (guest gifts, of course!). The success was such that we decided to create a whole event range with our high-quality natural fiber boards.

In June 2023, came the logical continuation of Apéro essentials: the corkscrew. But not just any corkscrew; always in search of originality and objects made with even more responsible and French manufacturing, we chose a 100% French, artisanal, and unique corkscrew. With a registered design, growing creativity, we decided to engrave our own designs on it and offer personalization (of course).

August 2023 takes a turn with the desire to offer something different, to step out of our comfort zone, and unleash our creativity while remaining true to our universe: our decorative posters join the Comptoir de Loulou family. Drawn with love by Pauline and printed in France, imagination overflows and follows its course...

Above all, Le Comptoir de Loulou is an entrepreneurial adventure for the couple, Pauline and Julien. We are like Swiss army knives, handling all aspects of the business between the two of us. From sales to production, technical matters to customer service, we model, draw, engrave, and ship each of our products from our workshop in Lyon, while also being attentive and caring towards both our individual and professional clients.

Merci d’avoir pris le temps d’arriver jusqu’ici pour découvrir notre Histoire, qui nous l’espérons, grandira avec vous.

Love, P&J